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Each person has particular and different needs. However, it is common in our society to be framed in models, groups or patterns. We realize that this standardization is not always adjusted to our needs. Faced with this reality and because there are people who prefer private classes, Just Yoga Studio offers a highly individualized work, through private classes, where all the work of body alignment and mental attitude is personalized, so that you can get the most out of your practice .

What does an individual class consist of?


It's a personalized class. A oriented lesson plan is defined to contemplate one or more objectives, defined under diagnosis.


Why choose an individual lesson?


- Want to develop specific skills and deepen knowledge of Yoga;

- Intends to learn the basics of practice in some classes to later more confidently integrate group classes;

- Does not have a schedule compatible with group classes;

- Does not like groups and prefers the calm and tranquility of individual classes;



What is a mentor?

It is a person who guides another, based on their own individual experience, so that they develop personally and professionally. 

What does this relationship consist of?


The relationship between the mentor and the student is a relationship of trust and delivery. The experienced teacher opens space and helps the student in their personal development. In this case - Mentoring & Yoga - a base of the relationship is the student's practice of Yoga. A regular practice is oriented and through reflections and dialogues, the student becomes more aware and discovers insights that create personal transformation.


Why choose a mentorship?

- Opt for an individualized YOGA practice adapted to special needs;

. - Guidance and individual monitoring;

- Having access to a source of encouragement and experience;

- Build discipline and accountability;

- Finding authenticity and fullness in daily choices.

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These sessions are guided by Marta.

Teacher and creator of Just Yoga Studio.

Yoga practitioner for 18 years, creative, entrepreneur, mother of 2 children, physical education, yoga and dance teacher, has already gone through several experiences, personal transformations and training in the area of Human Development.

An eternal seeker of truth, and the art of living without suffering.

Dobra para a frente
Mentoria & Yoga

Online or in person

Deitado no Prado



Shamanic Therapy consists of energy work whose main objective is to restore your vitality,  well-being, health and personal power. Through sound, voice and aromas, you will be guided on a journey to find your true Self. If you are looking to expand your heart, shamanic therapy is for you.

With Marisa Cardoso


My name is Marisa and I'm 30 years old. I was born and raised surrounded by nature and magic, within a family of flower growers and alchemists. Since childhood, I learned to live a simple life close to the Earth and among fields, flowers and books I grew up. My first awakening to the spiritual essence of life came when I was seven years old through illness. Since then I have become a seeker of myself and the world, always seeking to learn more about the inner and outer nature of all things. Due to this hunger for knowledge, I took several trainings in the field of personal and spiritual development. But more important than that, I became my own laboratory. From the study and practical experiences with my body and soul, my current professional project was born, with a strong shamanic base, Tenda da Raposa. At this moment I dedicate my life to serving the community, through individual therapies and group sessions. It is with love, joy and welcome that I accompany all those who wish to take a healing journey, towards their true essence.

Terapia Xamânica


From the understanding of the human being in all its dimensions, Hana will lead you on an incredible personal discovery, where you will integrate your past experiences.

From reason, emotion, sensation and intuition, you will bring balance, peace and harmony to your everyday life.

This consultation will situate you and connect you with what you want to be and where you want to go.


With Hana Vicky Scepankova

hana foto.jpg

My name is Hana and I am from Slovakia. Since my childhood I have been in love with science and spirituality.  I like to study and I like to talk with the Source (God). During my scientific research in the field of chemistry, I published several scientific articles, mainly on the effect of sustainable biotechnology on the quality of natural products, such as honey and various natural extracts. It is important to discover something that does not exist and that can help people to develop and improve their lives. But I also realized that it's all within us  and the only limit is us. To be able to live a life of integrity, we need to be happy, feel, perceive and follow our goals.  So, in addition to science, I studied iridology, a pseudoscience that detects_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ physical, psychic, emotional anomalies  through iris analysis. I am a clinical therapist at Freedom School (Porto). In integrative coaching, I help people to walk their Path with clarity and conscience, identifying the root of their problems that impede this progression... I like to call it "soul healing"...

Viajante na natureza
Coachin intgrativo

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