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Rainbow Choreographies

At the beginning of January we launched a challenge for you: choose a theme for the final BAUHAUS dance show.

In mid-February, the theme was already chosen and we put clues all over the school for the students to guess and assimilate the idea...

Meanwhile, suspicions were already aroused, but no one revealed the secret!!

At the beginning of March we ended up  confined to our homes by a force majeure... 

After some time por casa, the Bauhaus Dance School unveiled the theme: Rainbow! Already so familiar to everyone, already painted, already looked at by so many! Symbol of hope and a better future!...

So we asked our students to dance the Arco-Íris now, to create their choreographies, their steps or the connection between them, to be inspired, to gain courage and to get rid of their fears and embarrassments! We are not in a time  of fears or shame, dancing for a camera and showing the world no longer has the same shame or the same weight that it used to have... Now we don't have layers, our insecurities have lost their weight they had and our passions gained another dimension! Now at home, we keep dancing! And I'm glad we danced! Dance softens all of this, dance frees us and brings us peace and joy.

We put together in 5 videos the choreographies that were sent to us! Thank you all! 

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