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Daily we are bombarded with an endless amount of sensory stimuli, even without being aware. In addition, the stress we are subject to whether at work or at school, the concerns, the setbacks of life, the countless roles we play and the demands of all that, make it increasingly important to dedicate some time of our day by day to silence, to reencounter with ourselves and to self-knowledge.

On the other hand, the sedentary lifestyle, predominant in our society, requires us to work on the body, not only for aesthetic reasons but much more for HEALTH reasons!

Taking that time to recharge your batteries, work your mind, body and spirit is essential to compensate for physical and emotional imbalances, the challenges, demands and obligations of today's life. 

The main mission of the classes and services that we offer in our studio is to work with the individual in a holistic way, according to the stage in which they are. Everyone is welcome, the doors are open! We are waiting for you!


The Just Yoga studio is a neutral and relaxing space. The ideal space to turn off your mental turmoil and find peace and serenity within yourself.


“The idea of creating this project arose from the desire to build a pleasant, familiar space that offers activities that work body, mind and spirit. Where people feel good and find the Happiness and Plenitude they already are!”


 Marta Monteiro


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