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Ages: ​

  • from 5 to 11 years 

What does a yoga class for children consist of?

It is an adaptation of classic Yoga postures to the various physical, intellectual and emotional stages of children.

The class includes postures (âsanas), conscious breathing (pranayama), music, dance, games, images, group dynamics, relaxation, massages, mandalas, among others.

Ethical principles (yamas and niyamas) are transmitted, such as truth, non-violence, contentment, joy.

Meditation is introduced.

Benefits of Yoga for Children:

- Improves sleep pattern;

- Increases resistance, flexibility, balance and physical-motor coordination;

- Helps neuromuscular development;

- Corrects posture and spine;
- Calms breathing and the nervous system;
- Strengthens the immune system;
- Develops relaxation and tranquility;
- Develops self-knowledge;
- Promotes respect for oneself and for others;
- It helps to become more thoughtful, more centered, more aware, to believe more in oneself (positive thinking);

- Develops cooperation and team spirit;

- Improves a concentration;

- Stimulates all senses;

- Promotes ecological and humanitarian awareness;

- Develops creative thinking and imagination;

- The child learns to communicate in a different way;


Through the practice of Yoga, the child learns to optimize his energy, to concentrate, to breathe correctly, to relax his body, to better manage anxiety, setbacks and natural tensions of day-to-day life, to be more conscious and responsible in relation to herself and the world around her.

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